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Are you an athlete who suffers from pain or has sustained an injury? Or are you a weekend warrior who pushed a little harder than you should have? You may be one of these or fall somewhere in between — and we can help. Call 940-627-7532 for an appointment.

Conditions We Treat Include but Are Not Limited To:

● Joint and Muscle Pain
● Bulging or Degenerative Disks
● Carpal Tunnel
● Fibromyalgia
● Foot and Ankles Problems
● Acute or Chronic Pain
● & More

Not sure we can help? Make an appointment to talk with a therapist about:

● ACL Reconstruction
● Functional Assessments
● Aquatic therapy
● Soft Tissue Management
● Individualized Physical Therapy
● Balance Training / Gait Training
● Myofascial Release Therapy
● Hip Replacement Therapy
● Custom Orthotics
● Home Exercise Programs

Our Therapists and Patients at Work

Our Therapists and Patients at Work

Our Patients Are Talking…

“Great staff! Appreciate them all! Very concerned about my progress. They also keep it interesting with new or different exercises, stretches. Thanks y’all!” – Phil R.

Call 940-627-7532 or contact us to feel better — starting today!

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