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Rotator Cuff Reconstruction in Decatur, TX

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If you are experiencing severe pain in your shoulder joint, you may need rotator cuff reconstruction surgery. Typically, a rotator cuff tear is caused by a sudden injury, and can cause severe shoulder weakness. This injury is common with athletes. Going through with shoulder surgery can help you regain functionality and restore function to your shoulder joint.

Benefits of Rotator Cuff Reconstructive Surgery:

North Texas Sports Medicine specializes in helping patients regain strength and reduce strain on their muscles after rotator cuff surgery. We have served the Decatur, TX area with quality physical therapy solutions since 1996. We provide quality joint reconstruction, replacement therapy, and post-surgical rehabilitation and care. Our practice serves residents in communities across Parker, Montague, and Wise Counties including: Jacksboro, Decatur, Bridgeport, Springtown, Bowie, Alvord, Saint Jo, Paradise, Slidell and Boyd, TX.

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